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National Certificate (Vocational)

Subjects and Topics

Advanced Plant Production Level 4: 
Plant Propagation

Agribusiness Level 4: 
Primary Agriculture

Applied Accounting Level 2: 
Cash Journals

Applied Accounting Level 3: 
Analysis of Cash Book

Applied Accounting Level 4: 
Financial Statements (Balance Sheets)
Financial Statements (Income Statements)

Applied Engineering Technology Level 4: 
Engineering Practices Used to Construct Prototypes

Business Practice Level 4: 
Time Management

Working as a Project Team Member

Carpentry and Roof Work Level 2:
Roof Construction

Carpentry and Roof Work Level 4:
Doors and Door Furniture

Construction Level 2:
Measuring and Setting Out

Electrical Systems and Construction Level 2-4:
House Installation

Electronic Control and Digital Electronics Levels 2-4:
Logic Circuits
Programmable Logic Controllers

Electronic Control and Digital Electronics Level 2:
Components and Circuit Diagrams

Electronic Control and Digital Electronics Level 4:
Basic Design of Single Stage Transistor Amplifier
Bipolar Junction Transistor Amplifier
Fundamentals of Electronics
Programmable Logic Controllers

Electrical Principles and Practice Level 2:
Measuring and Testing Instruments

Electrical Principles and Practice Level 4:
Fundamentals of Electricity

Engineering and Related Design Level 2:
Setting and Operating Equipment

Engineering Fabrication Level 2:
Oxy-Acetyline Cutting (Theory)
Oxy-Acetyline Cutting (Practical)

Engineering Systems Level 2:
Engineering Systems and their Application
Hydraulic Systems and their Components
Selecting Engineering Systems Applications (Gear Drives)

English Level 3:
Language in Practice (Parts of Speech)

English Level 4:
Cartoons, Pictures and Comic Strips
Critical Writing
How We Write with an Opinion (Part 1)
How We Write with an Opinion (Part 2)
Job Finder

Farm Planning and Mechanisation Level 4:

Financial Management Level 3:
Salaries Journal
Value Added Tax

Financial Management Level 4:
Financial Ratio Analysis
Interpreting Basic Financial Statement

Fitting and Turning Level 2:
Milling Machine (Part 1)
Milling Machine (Part 2)

Fitting and Turning Level 3:
Brakes and Clutches
Centre Lathe (Part 1)
Centre Lathe (Part 2)

Food Preparation Level 3:
Basic Cakes and Biscuits (Practical)
Basic Cakes and Biscuits (Theory)

Food Preparation Level 4:
Meat, Poultry, Game and Offal

Freight Logistics Level 2:
Key Processes and Functions in Freight Logistics

Hospitality Generics Level 2:
Handle and Disposal of Waste

Life Orientation Level 2:
Personal and Career Development

Life Orientation Level 2-4:
Citizenship: What are free and fair elections?
Citizenship: What are human rights?
Citizenship: What is a responsive citizen?
Citizenship: Why is civic education important?
Citizenship: Why should you vote?
Civics Academy Lecturer Guide

Life Orientation Level 4:
Module 1 (Lesson 2)
Module 1 (Lesson 3)
Module 3 (Lesson 1)
Module 3 (Lesson 2)
Module 3 (Lesson 3)
Module 4 (Lesson 3)

Materials Level 2:

Materials Level 3:
Joining Metals by Soldering, Brazing and Welding

Mathematical Literacy Level 2:

Mathematical Literacy Level 3:
Space, Shape and Orientation

Mathematical Literacy Level 4:

Mathematics Level 2:
Functions and Algebra (Part 1)
Functions and Algebra (Part 2)
Space, Shapes and Measurement

Mathematics Level 3:
Data Handling

Mathematics Level 4:
Differentiation Rules and Equation of Tangents
Application of Differentiation - Rates of Change
Application of Differentiation - Cubic Graphs
Integration (Part 1)
Integration (Part 2)

New Venture Creation Level 2:
Determining Financial Requirements of a New Venture

New Venture Creation Level 3:
Basic Human Resources in a New Venture
Identifying Internal and External Stakeholders
The Structure of a Selected Workplace or Organisation

New Venture Creation Level 4:
Funding Options Available for SMME

Office Data Processing Level 2:
Introduction to File Management

Office Data Processing Level 4:
Microsoft Office Access

Office Practice Level 2:
Operating and Taking Care of Office Equipment

Office Practice Level 4:
Managing People Information in the Organisation

Plant and Equipment Level 2:
Hand Tools

Plant and Equipment Level 3:
Internal Combustion Engine

Systems Analysis and Designs Level 4:
Analysing Information Systems

Information Gathering Techniques

Transport Economics Level 3:
Legislation and Regulation of the Transport Industry

Transport Economics Level 4:
Concepts and Economic Principles
Transport Service Market and the Economy

Transport Operations Level 2:
Operations Within a Transport Business

Welding Level 3:
Principles of Arc Welding

Wholesale and Retail Level 2:
The Wholesale and Retail Industry Part 1
The Wholesale and Retail Industry Part 2
The Wholesale and Retail Industry Part 3

NATED Report 191

Subjects and Topics

Building and Civil Technology N3:

Building and Structural Surveying N4:
Areas and Volume

Building Drawing N3:
Reinforced Concrete and Beams

Catering N5:
Food Systems (Colloidal Dispersions)
Food Systems (Emulsions and Emulgents)
Food Systems (True Solutions)

Catering Theory N5:

Catering Theory N6:
Special Preparation Technique

Computer Practice N4:
Modules 1 and 2

Computer Practice N5:
Mail Merge

Diesel Mechanic:
Hydraulic Brakes

Diesel Trade Theory N2:

Drawing N6:
Study Guide

Engineering Science N2:
Energy and Momentum

Engineering Science N3:
Friction (Part 1)
Friction (Part 2)
Friction (Part 3)
Heat (Part 1)
Heat (Part 2)

Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4:
Cashflow Statement

Financial Accounting N4:
Department Income Statement

Financial Accounting N5:
Insurance Claims
Stock Evaluation

Financial Accounting N6:
Cashflow Statements

Industrial Electronics N6:
Programmable Logic Controllers

Jewellery Design and Manufacture N4:
Copper Ring (Practical)

Labour Relations N5:
Structuring of Labour Relations in South Africa

Labour Relations N6:
The Labour Relations Systems

Mathematics N4:

Mathematics N6:
Formula Sheet
Second Order Differentiation

Mechanotechnics N6:

Plumbing Theory N1:
Drainage (Part 1)
Drainage (Part 2)

Pneumatic and Electrical Control (FESTO):
Basic Pneumatics
PLC Programmes and Hardware
Installation of a PLC

Public Administration N6:
Executive Authority of the Three Levels of Government

Quantity Surveyor N5:
Interim Valuation

Travel Office Procedures N6:
Communication with the Press

Other Courses

Subjects and Topics

Chinese Language: 
Mandarin Part 1

Mandarin Part 2

Mandarin Part 3

First Aid: